The use of technology (in particular the mobile phone) while driving has become quite popular. Unfortunately, this can distract the driver and lead to a vehicle accident. The National Safety Council (NSC) has taken the position that to improve safety, the use of technology while driving should be banned. Unfortunately, this approach just doesn’t work. The likelihood of actually getting a federal law passed is extremely low. Even if passed – enforcement would be problematical. A far better approach would be to accept the reality that consumers like to use technology while driving and that it will continue to be popular.
The NSC should then focus on doing things that improve the safe use of technology by the driver. Obtaining a nationwide hands-free law would be a worthwhile goal. Less than a third of the states currently have a law that requires hands-free utilization of technology while driving. Getting the technology suppliers to provide voice-enabled interfaces that are easy to use, would be another goal that would improve driving safety.

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